Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

A node.js and redis powered crypto trading bot I built to make simultaneous trades across multiple exchanges. Buy low, sell high!

Coupon Claimer

An app I built to automatically load all available coupons to your Kroger rewards card.


Doc Prep Services

A custom built application suite providing online document preparation and form filling, order fulfillment, automated customer service, credit card processing, and dispute resolution.


Search Story

An advanced SEO tool I built to increase rankings in Google & Bing indexes.

Inbox Trap

A tool I built to booby trap your inbox. When a hacker triggers a trap, we send you a text message alert.


Who Blocked You

A Chrome plugin that shows which guys blocked you on Grindr. Version 2.0 of the Grindr API (stupidly) did front-end filtering of the block list. This Chrome plugin intercepted that packet and queried each profile on the blocked list. Shut down in 2016 with 1151 active users.

YouTube Pig

A simple YouTube downloader I built.

DL SoundCloud

A basic SoundCloud downloader I built and marketed with automated Twitter bots.

Hostel Scraper

A tool I built to scrape prices and occupancy figures for all the hostels on the Colorado front range.


Peaceful Media

A Portland Oregon web development & digital marketing agency I worked with doing lots of WordPress theme development.

iTrain SnowSports

Training software for ski & snowboard schools.

Secure Speak

A Twilio powered SaaS business I built to record inbound & outbound calls on any device.

Bitcoin Trading Bot

High frequency bitcoin trading bot for Coinbase. Shut down after receiving this email from the CEO.


Card Gnome

Group 303

My second development agency. This time focusing on custom web application development & SEO strategy.

Boulder Digital Arts

Teaching front-end web design and development in Boulder, Colorado. Take one of my upcoming classes.


Parallel Path

My first job after moving to Boulder, Colorado. I worked as an SEO analyst mostly on cloud hosting and ecommerce websites.

Long Dog Marketing

A lot of BigCommerce & LightCMS theme creation.

Coda Plugin for Twilio


Local Site Lease

  1. Buy a bunch of local domains like
  2. SEO the shit out of them
  3. Sell #1 ranking sites


Dollar Bill Face

Sold over 2000 of these silly novelty dollar bills. Barack Obama Dollar Bill



WASD Entertainment

A pandora-like recommendation engine for adult content. Complete with keyboard shortcuts to keep your right hand free ;)


Dress Your Friends

A web game where you uploaded photos of your friends and could drag & drop funny wigs, clothing, and accessories over the photo.


Upbeat Studios

My first web design agency. Building PHP apps and basic static websites.


Initially just a funny videos & flash games portal. Pre YouTube; think Ebaum's World era. The whole StupidFest network grew 48 niche gaming domains with 1M monthly visitors.


Ionic Games

Thanks to my brother, Andrew, for buying me the best Christmas present ever - a domain & hosting. The impetus of my web career.