I love building systems.

Whether it’s a suite of tools to increase website visibility, a network of gaming sites that updates itself automatically, or a simple service that helps recover Master Lock combinations, I make each system with efficiency, creativity, and style.

I made my first website in 2003. Building the site was fun, but maintenance and updating was a bore. I knew that you could only create so much value with your own two hands, and to make major progress you had to automate the routine. I quickly moved onto writing advanced scripts to really scale out ideas and create as much value as efficiently as possible. In the last three years, I’ve expanded this idea beyond content management and database maintenance into scalable internet marketing campaigns that work continuously.

I live marketing.

Not an hour goes by where I don’t think about how to communicate an idea or thought more effectively. I’ve run hundreds of online ad campaigns and know that just having a high click through rate doesn’t mean that the campaign is going to be effective. Clear communication is the heart of marketing, all the rest are just tactics.

I’m multilingual.

Fluent in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and well, English.

I love economics.

Basic supply and demand applies in every aspect of life. Understanding economics and it’s effect on human motivation is an unbelievable predictor of success. Its fascinating (as well as a huge shortcut) to be able to look at macro economic principles like Price = Marginal Cost to determine if a web company will be able to beat out brick and mortar competition.

I’m an explorer.

I spend more money on plane tickets than I do on food. I’ve traveled through North America, Southeast Asia, much of the Caribbean, and am currently planning my next trip through South Africa. I love seeing the differences, but enjoy even more seeing the similarities of life in different environments. I SCUBA dive, I hike rainforests, and I’ve been known to climb on my roof to eat lunch.